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Customer Service (8am - 3.30pm Mon-Fri)

Suppliers to the bakery trade since 1961

Bako Logo Western 01 1

01884 831920
Customer Service (8am - 3.30pm Mon-Fri)

Suppliers to the bakery trade since 1961


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New ‘Baker Direct’ website has been launched

to help housebound households find bakery delivery services in their local area.

So come on Bakers, register now for free

Customers have to simply pop in your postcode to find you and then over to you to capture and deliver the order.

Baker Direct is supported by bakery trade groups.

The British Baking Society, the Craft Bakers Association, Scottish Bakers and baking trade magazines British Baker and Bakery Business.

Delivery services are springing up in Ireland & the UK.

Baker Direct launched with over sixty bakeries listed, a number that grows by the hour. The site aims to give British and Irish households a quick and easy way to find, connect and order from them.

Established in the

Craft Bakery Sector

since 1961

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Welcome to Bako Western

Supplier to the bakery trade since 1961. Whether you are an existing member or wish to become a member we hope you find this site informative and useful. We would welcome any comments you may have about this site and look forward to hearing from you. Please visit our CONTACT US page to submit your comments.

Our product listing will show you a selection of products from a range of ambient, chilled, frozen, thaw & serve & non-food products. The list is endless but sure to satisfy your requirements.

Within the other pages, you will find a host of useful information on how to become a member of Bako Western, our straight forward delivery and ordering processes our Product Listing and the current month's special offers together with our latest news and other information. Please feel free to contact us directly on 01884 831920 to discuss your requirements in further detail or for further information.

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